Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am playing baseball for the Novi Tigers this year

I am having a lot of fun playing on my new baseball team, the Novi Tigers.

I am number 11 and have been pitching, catching, playing first base and playing in the outfield. I have been hitting pretty good too and I think I made only one out in our first three games. Me and my dad go to the diamond every Sunday night with a bucket of balls and I take batting practice so I am working hard on my hitting. We go on Sunday nights because no teams play then. After, we stop for an ice cream sundae.

This is the first year I have ever pitched and I work on that too with my dad. My dad says I throw harder than most pitchers in the league. Our league keeps stats and I have pitched 3 innings so far and I have 8 strikeouts but one walk. Our team is 3-0 and in first place and we are all having a lot of fun.

I say "Go Novi Tigers!"

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