Friday, May 18, 2012

My new hockey team

I am on a new hockey team called Arsenal. Arsenal is always the best team in the league and when my old team, the Novi Wings broke up, the Arsenal Coach, Mr. S. asked some of us on the Novi Wings to join Arsenal and we did.

All the kids on Arsenal are 10 years old but we play in the 12 year old division because the league said we are too advanced for the 10 year old division. We are the only team in the 12 year old division that is playing with 10 year olds. That is ok but it is pretty different because now all the kids we play are older and some are a lot bigger but so far we are doing ok. We have won 3 games and lost 2. We also have some pretty cool shiny camouflage jerseys and I am #18. We look pretty cool and I like that Arsenal gets their own jerseys and does not take the jerseys handed out by the league. Those other league jerseys are good but I like ours better.

Another thing that is fun about Arsenal is that they practice a lot more than the other teams so we are at the rink more. Also Mr. S runs another Arsenal team and these are 12 year old kids and they play in the 14 year old league. These kids are really good and the coach practices with both teams at the same time so we are practicing with really good players. Things go really fact in our practices and a lot faster than in our games.

My mom took a few pictures of me with Arsenal but they are pretty blurry because we are moving around a lot but here is one that is ok.

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