Thursday, May 17, 2012

My aunt was on the field at the Tigers game

Yesterday I went to the Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park. It was Breast Cancer Awareness Game and my Aunt Carolyn got to go out on the field before the game with a bunch of other ladies because they are cancer survivors.

My Aunt Carolyn had cancer for a long time but she did her treatment and has not had cancer for two years. She is really nice to all of us and everybody. She is my dad's sister and my dad says she has always been that way.

We even got a picture of her on the big screen when she was on the field. She is the lady on the far right. We sent it to her and she loves it.

I put up a picture of me, Alex and my dad too. My cousins, Alisha and Brianna and their boyfriends were also there. It was really fun that everybody was there.

The Tigers played the Twins and they did not win but that is ok and I am glad we went.

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