Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good news - Bad News - Good News

This is long and me and my dad really worked on this one because I can't put in a post this long without a lot of help. Actually, I get help with all posts. I can type but my dad said it is faster if he helps.

This week I had some good news, some bad news and more good news.

The first good news was today when we saw the Whalers beat the Owen Sound Attack 4-2. It was a good game. Stefan Noesen scored two goals and I put up his picture scoring the second goal. The Whalers have won 9 straight games and have won 48 games and lost 17 this year.

I see that me, my dad and Alex got in a picture taken by Whalers fan, Andrew Mady. In the picture of the scoreboard, right under the "R", there is a boy sitting right under that with a white hat and that is me. Next to me is my dad and next to my dad is my brother, Alex. There is another picture of Andrew's of Cody Payne of the Whalers battling an Attack player in a fight. I met Cody when he came to our school and he signed a puck for me and I got a picture with him too. I like Cody as he is a tough player, and nice.

The bad news I got this week is that the coach of my hockey team, the Novi Wings, Mr. B (my dad said I shouldn't use full names of our coaches) told us he cannot coach the Novi Wings next season which starts in a few weeks because he plays on two teams and coaches three teams and it is too much. He said that the players for the Novi Wings might get picked up by other teams but if we don't, then the league will put us on new teams. Us kids were not happy but we will always like Mr. B.

The good news is that the next day, my dad got an email from Mr. S. who coaches the best team in our league, Arsenal and he asked if I would like to join his team. He invited me to their practice and I went and then joined their team for next season. They measured me for my uniform and it is going to come in for me in four weeks right before the season starts next month. I am pretty happy about this but it will be a little strange when I am playing for the Novi Wings against Arsenal in the playoffs in a few weeks for this season. A few other boys from my team got invited to Arsenal too so I will know some players when I join them so that is cool.

I am having a lot of fun watching and playing hockey.

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