Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Whalers win and I got autographs on Team Autograph Night

Me, Alex and my dad saw the Whalers play the Oshawa Generals Friday and it was a great game. The Whalers were winning 3-1 with one minute to go in the game but then the Generals scored two goals to tie it in a minute. We could not believe it. Then the game went into overtime and Stefan Noesen scored to win it for the Whalers 4-3. We were going crazy! Stefan scored a hat trick and got three goals so I put his picture up. Stefan has been signed by the Ottawa Senators of the NHL and is a really good player.

It was Team Autograph Night and after the game, the Whalers came out into the arena and signed autographs for us fans. I brought some of my Whalers hockey cards, Whalers pucks and my Whalers yearbook and got them all signed. I got 41 cards signed and 6 pucks signed. I counted and I have 132 signed Whalers cards and I have them all in a book in clear sleeves. When my relatives come over for birthday parties, I show everybody the book and they say that is a lot of autographs. I also have 15 pucks signed by Whalers and some of the players are now in the NHL.

All the players are nice and some know my name. When I gave cards and a puck to Jamie Devane, he said "Hi Louis, how are you doing? I can't wait to come back to your school to visit with you guys again." Jamie was even talking to my brother Alex and Alex doesn't talk much. Jamie is signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.

When I gave two cards to Scott Wedgewood who is the goalie, he said, "Sorry, I gave up signing cards for Lent." He was just joking though because he had a big smile on his face.

The Whalers put up a few pictures of Autograph Night on facebook and I put some up here but I did not get in any of these photos.

Tonight, we are going to see the Whalers play the Sudbury Wolves. Sudbury's uniform are pretty cool because they have a wolf claw on their shoulder.

Today, my hockey team, the Novi Wings play and I can't wait. I think we play a team we never played before with orange uniforms.

Playing and watching hockey is the best thing for me this time of year.


  1. Good luck with your game!

    I so really want to watch Ice Hockey but they don't broadcast it here in the tropics. Instead, they broadcast the other type of hockey(just hockey) that's played on grass.

    Ever watched it?

  2. Adarsh,

    We lost our game 3-2 but that is ok.

    Over here what you are talking about is field hockey. It is not real popular but most colleges here have teams. I have never seen it on tv here. It does sound fun though.