Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Whalers lose and have a concert after the game and I wore the wrong shirt to school

Yesterday I went to see the Whalers play the Mississauga Majors and the Whalers lost 2-0. It was not a good game and the Whalers did not even score. Oh well, they are playing a special day game tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day against the Windsor Spitfires and we are going and I hope they win.

They had a concert on the ice after the game by a country-rock band called Annabelle Road so we stayed for that. It was my first concert. It was ok. I was dancing just a little with my friends Joey and Jacob but not too much. The concert was ok but I like hockey better.

I forgot to mention, since I am a member of the Whalers Kids Club, I get to go to the tunnel next to the Whalers dressing room and give them a high five as they walk to the ice right before the start. They high five us but the players usually don't talk because they are thinking about the game. Yesterday, Jamie Devane said "Hey Louie, how's it going?" That was cool. Jamie is signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs and I want him to do good in the NHL and I put his picture up now.

Last week, I went to school and my teacher, Ms. King came up to me and said she had to put tape on a word on my shirt. I asked why and she said, "Because that word is on your spelling test today" so I had to walk around with tape on my shirt that day. The kids thought it was pretty funny. I have a picture of what word was on the shirt.

Oh I forgot, my hockey team, the Novi Wings moved up a division and we played our first game Saturday but we lost 5-4 to Arsenal who scored with just 9 seconds left in the game. Arsenal is good and has beaten us before in tournaments but we are going to get them.

That is all for now.

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  1. Louis, another great post. Hang in there on the new division.