Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whalers beat the Spitfires and me and my friends get a locker room tour!

Saturday, I saw the Whalers beat the Windsor Spitfires 5-1. It was a good game and Tom Wilson scored a goal and an assist and was the "number one star of the game" so I put his card up here.

I went to the game with my school, Orchard Hills Elementary. The Whalers were cool because they let us kids from school take a tour of the locker room right after the Whalers took the ice. It was cool to see and the kids liked it. Me too. They showed us the board where they draw up their plays and told us all the things that the players do before the game. I told my dad that it is funny because some of the players' lockers were really clean but some were really messy. I was glad to go in the locker room but I missed the Whalers first goal because they scored when I was in the locker room but I heard the crowd cheer.

I also think I got on tv for this game. When Mitchell Heard of the Whalers was getting into it with one of the Spitfires, I stood up and waived my towel and the camera got me. I saw it later on the replays of the game at the Whalers website.

The Whalers have won 30 games and lost 10 and are in second place. The next game that we go to is Saturday against the Soo Greyhounds.

For my team the Novi Wings, we are off this weekend which is kind of funny because we play every weekend. I hope the coach schedules a practice so we can at least do that. Practicing is fun because my coach brings his 12 year old team and after we do drills for a long time, the Novi Wings who are a 10 year old team scrimmage the 12 year old team. Those kids are bigger but it is still fun to play them.

Bye now.

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