Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Whalers win in a shootout!

Saturday, me, Alex and my dad went to see the Whalers play the Saginaw Spirit. Actually, I do this a lot and have only missed three games this year. It is fun. We have season tickets and the same seats.

The Whalers won 4-3 and at the end of the third period, the game was tied so it went to overtime and after overtime it was still tied so it went to a shootout. Shootouts are really fun because each team sends out one skater to go in on the goalie and try and score. It is exciting.

The goalies were stopping a lot of the shots in the shootout and there were seven skaters for both teams who got to be in the shootout. We counted the shooters so we know how many. At the end, Andy Bathgate of the Whalers was the seventh shooter and he scored. Then our goalie, Matt Mahalak had to stop the Spirit's seventh shooter and he did and then the Whalers won and we cheered loud. The Whalers have won 28 games and lost 9 and are in second place in the OHL.

After the game, I was standing by the glass to watch the "three stars of the game" and the referee was coming off the ice and he gave me the game puck. It was still cold and wet and it has a special Whaler design. That was cool.

Then my favorite player, Alex Aleardi was named the first star of the game and he came out and people were cheering for him and then he skated over to me and gave me a signed Whalers shirt. That was very cool. I met him a bunch of times and we talked about my roller hockey team and how he plays roller hockey in the summer and he is nice. Once I saw him at a parade that he was in and at the end of the parade I saw him and asked him if he remembered me and he said "How could I forget you?" Alex is the best and I put his picture up here!

Next week, we are going to see the Whalers play the Mississauga Majors and after the game they are going to have a country-western concert and my brother Alex and I told my dad that we would like to stay and watch the concert so that is going to be fun because I have never been to a concert before.

I want to say that this has been long and my dad really helped me put this up and get the words all right. I tell him what to say and he puts the words in right. I can type but it would take a long time though so for now we do this together.

Oh, my hockey team, the Novi Wings have our first practice this Tuesday and it is going to be great. I can't wait to start up again.

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