Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whalers beat the Greyhounds! Go J.T. Miller!

Saturday, me, Alex and my dad saw the Whalers beat the Soo Greyhounds 8-0. It was a good game and we did a lot of cheering.

After pre-game warmups J.T. Miller skated over to me and gave me a special Whalers puck. That was cool. Then in the game, J.T. scored two goals! I met J.T. Miller once at Stone Cold Creamery Ice Cream Shop. He is nice. J.T. is from Ohio. I like American players because I am an American hockey player too. J.T. was drafted by the New York Rangers but I hope he stays with the Whalers for a while before he gets to the NHL. J.T scores a lot of goals but he is tough and fights too. Me, my dad and Alex all like J.T. He is one of our favorites.

In the game, my favorite player, Alex Aleardi scored the first goal on a breakaway and that was cool. Alex lives in Michigan and his parents and brother and baby nephew were at the game and I could see them cheering like crazy when he scored.

One bad thing is that Jamie Devane did not play and I saw him on top of the press box so I hope he is not hurt too bad. He never sits out unless he is hurt.

The Whalers have won 31 games lost 12 games and are in second place in the OHL and are having a good season.

For my team, the Novi Wings, we are off this weekend but start up again next weekend. We have only played one game and we lost but we are going to come back. We won the league last time and we want to win it again.

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