Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hey the Whalers came to my school!

The Whalers came to my school, Orchard Hills Elementary School in Novi.

Cody Payne and Colin McDonald came to my class and I got my picture taken with them. Cody is on the left and Colin is on the right. Colin signed my hockey card but Cody is young and brand new so he does not have a card so he signed my Whalers puck.

Jamie Devane and Tom Wilson came too but they went to the other classes. When they were walking in the halls, Jamie saw me in the hall and said, "Hey, I know you. What is your name?" and I said "Louis" and he said "Hi Louis" and then he asked me where a classroom was so me and my teacher walked him down to the right room. At the next Whalers game, when I standing at the Whalers tunnel, Jamie said "Hey Louis, how's it going?" Very cool.

Go Whalers!

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