Sunday, January 29, 2012

Novi Wings win and I score a goal too!

Saturday, my team the Novi Wings beat the Blackhawks 5-2. I even scored a goal which made the score 2-1 in the game.

I was a little surprised to score because the other team had the best goalie in the league. Also I am a defenseman and our coach wants the defensemen to stay back so we don't get too many chances to score. If we have a clear path to the net, we can take the puck to the net but that only happens once or twice a game for a defenseman. I was able to get the puck to the net and put it between the goalie's legs for a goal and then I got knocked around a little by the other team. I just don't get too many goals in this new advanced league but I am still having fun playing defense and stopping the other team.

Scoring is so cool because we do just what the Whalers do. The player that scores skates over to his bench and the players on the bench stick out their gloves and the scorer gets a fist pump from every player on the bench as he skates by. The other players on the rink follow the scoring player in a line and they get fist bumps too from players on the bench. It is so fun doing that!

The Blackhawks are pretty good and have some star players that were on some of my other teams so it was a good tough game. Our team is 1-1 for the season. We won the league last year and went 12-1 but this new league is a higher league and a lot tougher but that is ok. I also see there is more pushing and shoving but that is ok because I can do that too.

This picture is kind of funny but also kind of cool. It is blurry on the sides but clear for me in the picture so I put it up now.


  1. Do you have any videos of your team playing? I'd love to watch them in action!

    And, could you tell me how the league system works? Or, could you give me a link to a website which explains it?

  2. I am responding with my dad's help because I do not know all the answers but he does.

    I have a short video clip of a game with me taking a shot on goal in my 12-1-11 entry but I don't know how to put it in this response.

    Th leagues are broken up into age divisions which are U6 (Age 6 and under), U8, U10, U12, U14 and Adult. I am 9 years old so I play in U10 (Age 10 and under). Last time, I played in U8. There are two types of leagues. The first is a "House" league where the league puts all the kids on the teams and makes all teams even in quality. The second is a "Select" league where the teams have tryouts and the coaches put together the teams. I am on the Novi Wings in the "Select" league. I did not have to try out for the team because my coach already knew me and just asked me to join. The "Select" teams are usually better than the "House" teams but it is fun with the different leagues because then any kid can play no matter how good they are and the league makes sure you are in the best league for your skill level.

    I saw on your site that you have a facebook page. I don't have a facebook page but my 15 year old brother Alex has one. Could I follow you on facebook through my brother Alex Wolff if he sends a friend request?

  3. Oh. It makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for explaining.

    And, yeah sure, just tell him to send me friend request and I'll accept it :)

    By the way, I was wondering. Could you add an 'archives' to your blog? It would make it easier for me/people to find and read your old posts.