Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whalers win, Novi Wings lose

I saw the Whalers play the Windsor Spitfires Saturday and the Whalers won 5-1. It was a good game with a lot of fights. The Spitfires used to be good but they are not good this year so they just fight. The Whalers can fight too but they mostly just play hockey and win. Mitchell Dempsey of the Whalers was fighting Bowen of the Spitfires and hit Bowen so hard with a punch that Bowen's helmet went flying and Bowen got knocked down. The crowd was going crazy. My dad said it was the hardest punch he has ever seen in a hockey game. During the fight, the Whalers mascot, Shooter the Killer Whale was in our section and he was pretending that he was putting on a championship belt. Everybody was laughing. Because of that really good fight, I put up Mitchell Dempsey's picture here. The Whalers have won 35 games and lost 13 this year.

Also near the end of the game, the Whalers coach, Mike Velucci got thrown out of the game for yelling at the officials and then he told the referees he was throwing them out and he did it with his hands just how a baseball umpire does it. The crowd was laughing and cheering and we were really having a good time. Velucci still had to leave though.

My team the Novi Wings lost 5-4 to the Stars on Saturday in a shootout. We were winning with 4-3 with 19 seconds to go and the Stars tied it to make it 4-4. Then in a shootout, the Stars won. The shootout did not go long enough for me to get a chance to get my turn in the shootout but that is ok. I did have one really long rush in the game where I got through the defense and got in on goal and shot a backhander at the goalie but the goalie saved it. I heard people cheering during that play. This new higher league is tougher than I am used because the kids are older but everybody says it will make me better. It is also good because I am friends with everybody on the team. I also saw a few of my teammates at the Whalers game and also saw one kid from another team there.

I am waiting right now for Madonna to play the Super Bowl halftime show in a few minutes. I wonder if it will be any good.

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