Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Wings won and I got 3 goals!

My hockey team, the Wings had our first game Saturday and we played the Atoms.

We won 7-3 and I got 3 goals which is a hat trick in hockey. I am playing defense so I am back but my coach told me that if I have the puck and I see an opening, then I can take the puck to the net and try and score and that is what I did. My dad said I might not score like that all the time because I am a defensman and they are supposed to stay back but that is ok.

One time, our team had a few guys in the penalty box at the same time and we only had 2 guys on the ice and the other team had 4. That was strange to be skating and only have one other teammate on the ice.

Anthony who is on my other team, the Novi Roller Cats who are not playing this session because too many kids there are playing football, was on the other team. I had a face-off against Anthony and we were fighting for the puck and that is the last photo on this post. Anthony also got 3 goals for his team so the Novi Roller Cats were scoring for both teams. I also saw Anthony at the Whalers hockey game the night before with Devon who also plays on the Novi Roller Cats.

Tomorrow, I am going to the Tigers playoff game against the Yankees and I am going to have some fun.

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