Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whalers beat Ottawa 3-2

Friday night, we went to see the Whalers play the Ottawa 67's. There weren't many people in the arena because the Tigers were playing the Yankees in the playoffs at the same time.

It was a good game and the Whalers won 3-2. Garrett Meurs, Mitchell Heard and J.T. Miller scored for the Whalers. The Whalers were losing at first but then came back to win.

Before the game, I was standing by the Whalers tunnel and watching warm ups with Alex. Then, Mitchell Heard of the Whalers skated over and gave me a special Whalers puck so that was cool. The coach's son, Ryan gave me a puck too. He is my age and we are getting to be friends.

I won the Kid's Club drawing and they announced my name over the loudspeaker and put my name on the big screen. My dad said I could go get my prize all by myself so I walked over to the Kid's Club table and told them that I was Louis Wolff. Then they gave me a signed photograph of Mitchell Heard and it looks great. Mitchell is part of the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and should play for them one day.

After the game, Garrett Meurs was one of the three stars of the game and he skated out and came over to my side of the ice and he gave me a Whalers shirt. That was cool so I was put up here.

It was a good night.

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