Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I found a new comic strip that I like

It's about a kid that is a goalie that plays hockey and it is called "Small Saves."

It is by James Demarco and my dad is his facebook friend so he puts his comics on facebook and then I get to read them. They are all funny.

We even ordered a "Small Saves" t-shirt for me and I have been wearing it and it looks really good.

I am going to keep reading "Small Saves".

Also I went to the Tigers playoff game yesterday against the Yankees and the Tigers won and I took a lot of pictures myself. It was fun! My mom is going to put them on the computer and then I will do a post.

Go Tigers!

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  1. Hi. I came across your blog you wrote back in 2011 about Small Saves. So glad you like him, and you still get to enjoy reading him. Jay DeMarco (and Small Saves) : )