Monday, September 26, 2011

I saw The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training

I was shopping with my mom in a store and I saw this movie on the shelf so I asked my mom if I could get it and she said yes.

This is about a little league team, the Bad News Bears who go to the Astrodome to play a game. The kids drove a van which they took from somewhere but the movie doesn't say where. Kellie Leak just said he got it from a friend. The cops were behind them and Kellie did not have a driver's license but Kellie put on a hat and sunglasses and a cigarette to make himself look older and the cop just waived so he fooled him.

At the game in the Astrodome, they were losing but then they scored some runs and they were coming back. They stopped the game in the fourth inning and they said it was over so the Astros could play but Tanner Boyle of the Bears would not leave the field and they were chasing him. Then an Astro player and the fans screamed "Let them play" and they got to finish the game. Then they won the game.

One funny part is a pitcher from the Bears was bad and throwing balls in warm ups and then one of the umpires came up and marked off the plate and the kid said "Thank God, you saved my life." Then he started throwing strikes.

It was a funny movie and I really liked it.

We have two other Bad News Bears movies and I am going to watch them too and maybe talk about them here.

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