Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tigers v Rangers in ALCS

Me and my dad went to Game 3 of the ALCS.

It was a great game and I took a lot of pictures and the Tigers won!

Our seats are close to the field so they had a lot of tv guys interviewing people by us and my dad took one picture of me sitting in front of a tv interview.

They put the Rangers' families in our section and it was funny because when the Tigers were scoring everybody in the stadium were standing and cheering except our section where most of the people were sitting because they were Rangers people. That is ok because we were cheering. Nelson Cruz from the Rangers, his mother and father were sitting two rows in front of us and they even caught a ball.

Our row was all Tigers fans and they left their Tigers towels so we brought home 4 Tigers towels and I gave them to some of my friends at school the next day. That was cool.

I also saw Miguel Cabrera hit a home run that almost hit the scoreboard! Everybody was going crazy and waiving their towels. It was a pretty good day.

If the Tigers go to the World Series, Alex is going with my dad because it is his turn but I will cheer them on from home.

I am for the Tigers all the way.


  1. Louie, I'm so glad you enjoyed your time at the game! You are such a lucky kid to be able to go to such an exciting game! Did you happen to get one of those souvenir pop cups? If not I have one for you, your dad and Alex. I'll bring them the next time I see you.

    Auntie Carolyn

  2. Carolyn,

    Louis is in Columbus, Ohio today attending the baptism of his cousin who is Katie's son on Margaret's side.

    We did get an an ALCS cup.

    Thank you for thinking of us!