Monday, October 10, 2011

We went to a Tigers playoff game

Last week, me, my dad and Alex went to see the Tigers play the Yankees in the playoffs.

I wore my Tigers jersey to school that day and my mom took a picture.

We did not have our season tickets because someone else got them for that game but we were able to get some in the upper deck just behind home plate. They were good seats. We could see everything.

We were sitting two rows behind Darren McCarty from the Red Wings. He was right in front of us.

They gave us Tiger towels and I waived mine the whole game. It was a really good game and we won in the end.

My favorite player Jose Valverde came out in the end and ended the game and the crowd was really loud at the end cheering.

There were hardly any kids there and my dad says that usually mostly adults go to playoff games so I guess we got lucky. In one of the pictures there is a little kid but there weren't hardly any other kids there.

There were so many people there that there were a lot of people standing in the walkways and usually nobody is there. I was walking through a walkway and walking past everybody standing and I was practicing my pitching while I was walking. I took a windup and pretended to throw a ball and one guy standing said "That's a strike!" That was pretty funny.

We have tickets to tomorrow's game against the Rangers but we only have two seats so me and Alex have to flip a coin to see who is going to go. We also have our World Series tickets for Game 3 and whoever doesn't go tomorrow goes to the World Series game if the Tigers get there.

It has been a lot of fun this season with the Tigers and I say "Go Tigers!"


  1. Louis, I'm extremely jealous. Great pictures. I'm glad you're having fun.

    I'll start rooting for the Tigers now.

    I'd like to see them play the Cardinals.

    Go Tigers!

  2. Mr. Mark,


    I just won the flip!


  3. Good job. Now I'm really super jealous.

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  5. Louie,
    Sounds like lots of fun! Keep practicing your pitching skills. You never know what the future holds. Interesting you said you saw Darren McCarty. I waited on him at one of the games. I'm not sure if it was the same one though. He had an Avila jersey on that was autographed by Avila and he ordered a pop.

    Love Auntie,