Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whalers Pink Out game

A couple of weekends ago, me, my dad, my mom and Alex went to the Whalers Pink Out game. This is the game that the Plymouth Whalers raise money for breast cancer. They color their hair pink and wear special pink uniforms and do other special stuff at CJ's restaurant in the arena.

The game was the same day as the Tigers game in the American League Championship so it was bad timing because everybody stayed home to watch the Tigers game. Compuware Arena was not even half-filled but that is ok because we had a lot of fun and they said they raised a lot of money for breast cancer. There were a lot more ladies and girls at this game and they asked all the breast cancer survivors to stand up so we could cheer them. They also had breast cancer survivors drop the first puck.

I brought my camera and got there really early for warm ups and walked around the arena and took a lot of pictures. I even had pink hair for part of the game. I had my picture taken with a lot of the Whalers at CJ's but me and my dad can't get them onto this post for some reason. But I do have the pictures.

The Whalers scored after only 18 seconds and we were really cheering but The Whalers lost 5-4 to the Sarnia Sting. It was still a really fun night. I can't wait to go next year.

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  1. Hey Louie, I LOVE the pink hair! I'm really impressed with the Whalers and what they do for Breast Cancer! I love the pink hair and special jerseys. Also, it's very nice of them to honor the survivors! They really showed up the Red Wings who had their breast cancer game on Firday night. Glad you had a good time.