Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tiger game and playoff tickets

Last Saturday, me and my dad went to the Tigers game against the White Sox. It was a great game and the best game I ever saw!

The Tigers were losing 8-1 and then it started raining and the game was stopped for a while. Most people left but we stayed and waited for the rain to stop. When it stopped and the game started again, there was hardly anybody there and it was a sold out game. All the people from the upper deck came down to the lower deck and there was hardly anybody in the upper deck.

Then the Tigers started scoring like crazy. In the bottom of the ninth, we were losing 8-6 and Ryan Raburn hit a two run home run to tie it 8-8. Then Miguel Cabrera came up with two outs. The first pitch he hit it really far, the longest home run I have ever seen and it won the game. Then the whole team waited for Cabrera at the plate and then celebrated. They did this right in front of us because our season tickets are in the section right behind the plate. The crowd was going crazy. Me too. Then it started raining again and we had to drive through flooded streets to get home.

We also just got our playoff tickets for the first round. We do not have our regular seats because my dad says all season ticket holders get pushed back because there will be a lot of people there from major league baseball and friends and families from both teams that are going to take the best seats. We are in the upper deck in the section right behind the plate which is still pretty good. Another good thing is we get three tickets for the games instead of the two that we usually have so me and Alex can go to the same game together. It's going to be great and I can't wait.

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