Sunday, September 11, 2011

Novi Wildcat victory

Friday night, me, Alex and my dad went to Novi High School Stadium to see the Novi Wildcats play football against the Livonia Stevenson Spartans.

A few minutes before the game was supposed to start at 7:00, there was a lightning storm and the game was delayed. The storm was long and there was a lot of lightning but we did not leave and we stood under the stands with other fans. Most of the people left. The game started at 8:45 and it was funny because there was hardly any people there then but we watched with some of our friends who stayed.

There is a funny story. During the rain delay, a person from the concession stand said, "We still have hot dogs, pizza, candy and all kinds of stuff. Come on over." One kid looked over and got really excited and screamed "Free food!" and ran over there and asked what he could get. Then they told him the concessions were not free just because it was raining and he still he had to pay. It was funny. The next day, I saw that kid driving with the same shirt on and I thought that was funny.

The Wildcats played really well and won 49-13. It was funny because when the Wildcats were scoring, there were only a few people there to clap and cheer. Usually, there is a real big crowd and our stadium is kind of big and there are usually loud cheers but not Friday.

Novi has won one game and lost two now. We want another victory next Friday against Plymouth Salem.

I will let you know how it goes because I told my dad that I want to cover every Novi football game that they play.

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