Saturday, September 10, 2011

Novi football

Last Friday, me, my dad and Alex went to see the Novi Wildcats play Walled Lake Western.

Novi lost 50-25.

That was not good.

Alex is a Novi High School student now so that is kind of cool.

After the game, we went to McDonald's. We saw a car driving strange and going the wrong way in the parking lot. Then we saw a Wixom police car race into the lot and block the car in and not let it go any more. The police officer got out and yelled at the driver. She got out and they gave her tests and they arrested her for drunk driving. We were saw her getting handcuffed. She also hit a car in the lot before the police stopped her. This happened right outside the window of our table and everybody in the restaurant was crowding around our table to watch. Our car was blocked in by this so we couldn't leave anyway.

We also went to the Novi game yesterday but I am going to do this one in another post because I think I will do a post for each game, if I remember.

That is it for now.

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