Saturday, August 27, 2011

Novi football

Friday night, me, my dad and Alex went to see the Novi Wildcats play the Chelsea Bulldogs in football. Because it was the first game of the year, they opened the season at Eastern Michigan University stadium.

Novi lost 24-12 and did not look very good. Chesea's uniforms are like Notre Dame's and Novi's are like Michigan State so it looked like those two teams were playing. Novi used to always be good but the last couple of years, they have not been so good. We had fun though and the nice guy in front of us won the 50/50 drawing and won $170. It was funny because after he picked up his money, then all his kids came around him and they were not sitting with him the whole game. He said, "Well why do you want to come around me now?"

Even though Novi football might not be so good this year, Novi hockey is the Michigan State Champs and I like hockey better anyway.

That is it for now.

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