Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am on a new hockey team

In the summer I was invited to play hockey for the Novi Roller Cats who are the best team in the area and my parents said yes. I was all ready to go for the season but the coach of the Roller Cats said that since so many of their players were playing football that they were going to take off the fall session and start up in the winter session. So I needed a team to play on for the fall session.

My old coach, Mr. Bohland heard that the Roller Cats were not going to play in the fall session so he asked me if I wanted to play on his team, the Wings and I said yes. I played for Mr. Bohland on the Wings two sessions ago and we won the Championship then and I put their picture right here.

We had our first practice today and I think we are going to be a good team. Mr. Bohland also had his 12 year old team there and we played them in a scrimmage game and we are 9 years old. The scrimmage game was fun but those 12 years olds were really big and some were as big as my brother Alex who is 14 years old. We played pretty well and the game ended 1-1. I scored the goal for the 9 year old team.

I think I am going to have fun playing on the Wings again.

Then in the winter session, I will probably go to the Roller Cats because I already have my jersey for that team with my name and number on the back.

Also the Whalers are playing their first home game tonight and we are going. We almost always go because we are season ticket holders.

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