Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scoring goals for my new team

Today, I had my first game with my new hockey team. Our uniforms are orange so we are the Orange Crush.

I only knew one kid on the team and did not know the coach but my dad introduced me before the game. The coach is nice.

I scored the first goal of the whole season. I have a Sydney Crosby card where he is stickhandling with one hand and going around a defender and I have been practicing that. I put the card up above so you can see it. In my game, I did that and got around a defender and deked the goalie and scored the first goal of the season. I have been working on my dekes in our driveway. I got one other goal on a breakaway and a deke and we won 4-2.

I like all the kids and we have a real good goalie, Andrei. This is going to be fun.

Also I went to Florida last week and we are getting our pictures together so I can put them up here.

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