Monday, April 18, 2011

Novi Rollers Cats win the JCC Tournament

My old hockey coaches said they were putting together a team for the JCC Tournament in West Bloomfield of the best players in Novi and they asked me if I wanted to be on the team and I said yes. We were the Novi Roller Cats and we got brand new nice jerseys with our name and number on the back. I chose #18 for my favorite player on the Whalers, Alex Aleardi.

We practiced for two weeks because most of us came from different teams and we never played together before.

We played the tournament on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We had 4 games but the first 2 did not really count because they put us in the 10 year old tournament and we were an 8 year old team and they were a lot bigger than us. Then they put us in the 8 year old tournament and we beat Reebok Detroit in 2 games. The first was 7-1 and the final game was 4-1 so we were the tournament winners.

Reebok Detroit was really tough with a lot of pushing and shoving. Once I was battling for the puck on the boards with another kid and we were pushing and shoving and then he hit me with his elbow and then he got a penalty. This was a lot tougher than the games in my league but we were ready.

We are going to get stick bags for winning the tournament and they are going to mail them to our coaches. I can't wait to get mine.

I am going to take my jersey with #18 to the Whalers Compuware Arena and ask Alex Aleardi to sign it. I bet he will because he has signed other things for me.

My mom took some pictures but when I am skating, they turn out a little blurry but I did put up 2 pictures where I am just still on the rink so they are not blurry. There is also a picture of our whole team celebrating.

Now we are all going back to our regular teams and we are all going to start playing each other again.

Hockey is getting really fun for me.

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  1. Louis, congratulations on being part of a winning team. Good job.