Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yesterday was a fun day

In the morning, we got some flowers and a card for my mom and gave them to her because today is Mother's Day.

Then I had a hockey game with my team the Orange Crush. I scored two goals but we lost 8-2. We have won 2 games and lost 3 games. I have 7 goals in this season. I only had 5 goals all last season so I am getting better. Our team has a lot of kids that never played before so we are having a hard time winning but that is ok.

After the game, I had some friends come over. Last week it was my birthday and my aunts and uncles and grandparents and some friends came over. I told my mom that I would also like a "friends party" for the kids at my school who did not get invited to my family party and she said it would be ok. So I had some friends over yesterday and we had pizza and pop and cupcakes and ice cream and played games. It was fun and they brought some presents too. I like the Michigan State football the best.

Then after that was done, my family went out to eat at CJ's restaurant which is in Compuware Arena where the Whalers play. They had the Tigers game on and we watched Justin Verlander throw a no-hitter and it was on the big screen. The score was 9-0. At the end, everybody was cheering and clapping. That was cool. We also saw the Whalers coaches who were sitting at a big table. They had the OHL player draft yesterday and my dad said they probably came in after the draft was over. When we were leaving, Alex said they looked up at us because they know who we are and I was wearing my Whalers hat. When they announce the schedule for next year, we are going to order our season tickets and that will be great. It is cool because season ticket holders get to go in a special door for the games and get stuff.

Today, we were invited to my Uncle Mike's house and we might watch the Red Wings game and I am going to wear my Red Wings jersey. I also am going to the skate park with my dad and do some skateboarding.

That is it for now.

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