Saturday, March 26, 2011

We won the Roller Hockey Championship!

Me and my dad are doing this post together because there is a lot to say and I need a little help getting it all in.

Our team the Novi Wings won the Roller Hockey Championship today. We did not have to play in the first round because we came in first place in the regular season. In the second round game, we won 11-1 so we got to play in the Championship Game in the third round. A lot of people came to the game. Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristen came too and that was great. All the parents and brothers and sisters were there. In the Championship game, we won 11-1 and we had a cool celebration on the rink and then the league gave us our trophies. Everybody was pretty happy. The coaches too and they said we did a good job.

My mom took some pictures but the game photos were blurry and I was a little mad about that. I do have some team photos and one of one of my coaches, Mr. Mike and my friend, Michael. Mr. Mike and all the coaches taught me a lot about hockey and my dad thanked them all for teaching us. It was a great year. We won 12 games and lost 0 games.

The league said the players from our team have to go to new teams next season and I guess that will be ok. I go to tryouts Tuesday so the coaches can see us and put us on new teams.

Also my coach is putting together a Novi team for a tournament next month. He is asking the good players in Novi to be on the team and he asked me and my dad said I can play. We have some players from the Novi Wings and also good players from other teams that were in our league. We are going to another city to play other teams from other cities and my dad said these will be tougher games than in our league. We get a jersey and we can pick our number. I picked #18 for my favorite player, Alex Aleardi on the Whalers. We are going to the Whalers playoff game tonight too.

I am liking hockey a lot.


  1. Congratulations on a fabulous season! I'm so proud of you and your team. It sounds like you have some wonderful coaches as well. What an honor to be chosen to play in the tournament. That is quite an accomplishment considering this is your first year playing hockey. Please let me know when the tournament is. Maybe I will be able to come see you play.

    Auntie Carolyn

  2. Hey Louis! I can see that you're liking hockey a lot -- and it seems to agree with you! Great pics - and a wonderful post. That "co-writer" you've got? I'd keep him!

    Can't wait to hear about the next games, and the new team, too. Good luck!