Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hockey stuff

Mr. Mark made a hockey card with me on it. I like it and think it is cool. It has my hat trick game on it and the date of the game. I say thank you to Mr. Mark.

My team, the Novi Wings beat Arsenal today 7-4 and I was back to playing defense. The game was pretty tough and there were a lot of penalties. We have won 10 games and lost 0. The playoffs are next week and I hope we do well. Arsenal was pretty good so we are going to have to be ready if we play them in the playoffs. Our coaches were talking already about what we are going to do if we play them. Our coaches always a have game plan.

My mom took some pictures and one of our whole team but Zack was missing because he came late for the game. Coach Mike was missing too because he was coming late from a soccer game.


  1. Louis, I say, "You're welcome."

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I love the hockey card! Of course, I'm probably biased because Mark made it.

    You're doing great, my friend!!!