Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waiting for spring with my dog

We have had a lot of snow this year but I am waiting for spring with my dog, Sarah.

My hockey team The Wings are 5-0 and we haven't lost yet but I am not sure of the last game. Friday night, I went to the game and we were going to play the team that we almost lost to. In pregame warmups, I started to feel sick and I threw up while warming up with my team on the rink. My coach said that was ok and to just go home and feel better. He did ask if I wanted to sit on the bench and watch the game but my dad said he didn't want any kids to catch whatever I had. The next day I felt fine. I am going to be ready for the next game for sure.

My mom sent an email to the coach to see if we won. I hope we did.

Last night we saw the Whalers beat the Windsor Spitfires 6-2. They announced that one of my favorite Whalers, Tyler Brown got signed by the Philadelphia Flyers. We were all cheering.Then we cheered when they won the game.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon, Louis! I know what you mean about wanting spring to get here. (Of course, in Tennessee, we've had a lot less snow than Michigan) But, I'm still ready for sunshine, warm temperatures, and FLOWERS!!!