Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pinewood Derby

We had the Pinewood Derby for our Cub Scouts pack.

Some years we have a fast car and some years we have a slow car. This year our car was slow so we did not win any races.

That is ok because I won an award for the "Coolest Looking Car".

I made a NHL car and decorated the car with NHL teams logos. The Red Wings were on the front.

It was fun but next year maybe we can work on getting a faster car.


  1. Louis, I'm glad you participated in the event. I didn't know you were a Cub Scout.

    Way back in the day, probably when I was your age, I entered in the Pine Wood Derby. I won. I'll have to find the trophy and car and take some photos.

    Congrats on having the "Coolest Looking Car". See if your mom or dad will let you paint the Red Wings' logo on the hood of their cars.

    Seriously, ask them.

  2. Mr. Mark,

    My dad already has a Plymouth Whalers sticker on the back window of his car so I guess that it counts.

    Plus there is too much snow on the car right now.


  3. Hey Louis - I was obviously never a cub scout. But, in Shop class, I had to make a CO2 car. It was ugly. It could've used some stickers. I lived in Chicago, so it probably would've been Blackhawks stickers.

    Anyway. . . the car was ugly. It didn't go fast.

    Good thing I took piano lessons, eh?

  4. Mrs. Angie,

    I have been sick for a few days and might be today too.

    I asked my dad to bring up pictures of co2 cars on google so I saw them.

    They look like pinewood derby cars.

    My dad says they look more fancy than when he was little.


  5. They probably are much more fancy now than way back then. . . .

    I hope you're feeling better, very soon.