Saturday, March 12, 2011

I scored a hat trick!

My hockey team, the Novi Wings are doing pretty well. We have won nine games and lost none.

Today we had two games and we won the first game 12-2 and won the second game 7-1. In the first game we were pretty good and winning 9-2 and then our coach said the defensemen were going to play forward position for the third period and the forwards would go back and play defense. This is good because I am a defenseman and this gives me a chance to get more shots to try and score. Defensemen don't take many shots because they are too far away from the net and the forwards are the goal scorers.

I did pretty well because I scored 3 goals in the third period which is a hat trick in hockey. For the first goal, I got close to the net and got a pass and shot a one-timer into the net. A one-timer is when you hit a slap shot right off a pass into the net. Hockey people think one-timers are cool. For the last two goals, I got breakaways and got past the defense for the other team and skated in on the goalie and shot it past him for goals. Then it was 12-2 and the game had to end then because if a team is winning by 10 goals, the game ends early.

I think this was my best game. I even got to take some face-offs. I still like to play defense but it is fun to be a forward for some games and my coaches are really nice about moving us around when we are really winning by a lot. One cool thing about defense is we get to slap our goalies pads with our stick before the periods because we are closest to the goalies. I see the Whaler defensemen do this too. The playoffs are coming up in a few weeks and I hope we do well.

We just also found out that the Novi Wildcats hockey team just won the State Championship. The game was today where the Whalers play but I missed it because I was at church. I did go to one of their playoff games last week and cheered them on. It was exciting.

Also James Livingston of the Whalers just got signed by the San Jose Sharks of the NHL and we are going to cheer him tomorrow at the game.

A lot hockey for me.

Dad helped me a lot on this one but I had a lot I wanted to say.


  1. Louis - we are so excited to hear about the hat trick! (I was excited - because I knew what it was, and no one had to explain it to me!)

    Keep up the amazing work, my friend!!! I'm glad you blogged about this.

  2. Mrs. Angie,


    I am having fun playing hockey and my parents said I can play in the Spring season.

    I don't know if I will stay on this team because the coach can only keep 3 players for next season but he could try and draft me after that.

    I have 3 good coaches that I like.


  3. That's awesome, Louis. I hope you get to stay on this team -- but if not, I hope you get on another really good team. No matter what - you'll be an excellent addition to WHATEVER team is lucky enough to have you as their player.

    I used to watch a TV show (from Canada, I think) where the guy always said, "Keep your stick on the ice!" I knew it was from hockey, but didn't get it much beyond that. So, in his honor, I'll say the same advice to you. . .

    "Keep your stick on the ice!"