Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We had a school dance

We had a dance at my school. No special reason. It was just a dance.

A lot of my friends were there.

They had ice cream and drinks but the best part was dancing to the music by these guys called Star Tracks.

Star Tracks were three guys playing a lot of good tunes and we were dancing. For some songs, they turned off the lights and turned a disco ball on and it was fun to dance then. We were doing a circle and then people went in the middle and were doing cool moves.

I asked my dad to check for Star Tracks cds that we could get but he said he thinks they are just djs who play around town.

I put up a picture of me and my friend Sammy. She is a pretty good friend.

That is all for now.

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  1. Hey Louis - sorry I haven't commented in a while. We've been kinda busy around here.

    I remember going to dances when I was your age -- yes, we had music back then! :) Mostly the girls would all talk to each other, and the guys would stand around and talk to each other.

    No one seemed to actually DANCE. Which, to me, seemed kinda silly. Eventually, we figured out that the silly thing was going to be over, and no one would've danced. So, we got brave, went out there - and had fun.

    Sounds like you guys didn't waste any time having fun! Good for you....

    And, your friend Sammy is pretty cute. I'm just saying. . . . :)