Thursday, February 17, 2011

Garrett Meurs of the Whalers came to my school!

Garrett Meurs of the Whalers came to Orchard Hills Elementary School which is my school.

I knew that one of the Whalers was coming because I saw it on their website but I did not know who was going to come.

I brought my Whalers yearbook to have the player sign it if he came in our class.

Then it was Garrett Meurs who came into my classroom and that was cool because he is on the cover of the yearbook and he signed it right on the front for me. He asked me if I left the yearbook at school and I said no I just brought it in special for that day. He was nice.

He signed autographs for all the kids and he went to other classes too. All the kids liked it.

At games, Garrett always slaps my hand at the tunnel. Every single time I am there he does it. Some of the players don't do it always but Garrett always does.

Garrett is pretty good and scores a lot of goals. My dad told me Garrett is entering the NHL draft this year and he will be drafted by an NHL team but I would like him to stay with the Whalers a little while longer.

I put up a picture of me and Garrett and a picture of Garrett walking around in our school. I got these pictures from the Whalers website and I told my dad about it.

It was a good day.


  1. Louie, I LOVE the picture of you and Garrett! How cool the Whalers posted it on their web site. I wonder if Garrett remembers slapping your hand at the games. How awesome he signed the front of your yearbook. What a great day that must have been.

    Auntie Carolyn

  2. Hi Louis,

    My name is Donna. I'm the Vice President of the Whalers' Booster Club. Every year we make scrapbooks for the players. This year I am doing Garrett's book. I really enjoyed reading about Garrett's visit to your school, and I think Garrett and his family would too. I'd like to print out this blog entry and put it in his scrapbook if that's ok with you. I hope Garrett will be a Whaler for a little longer too.

  3. Donna,

    I am Kevin Wolff and Louis' dad. You certainly have our permission to use this or any blog entry for the scrapbook.

    Louis, myself and my older boy, Alex sit in Section 114. Ironically, Louis will not be there tonight (Friday) as he is sick. He informed me that this will only be the fifth game he has missed this year. He will however be there Saturday against London manning his regular position at the Whalers tunnel.

    I do appreciate the effort you put in on the players scrapbooks which gives them a chance to later look back fondly on their time in our city.

    I am at if you may need me.

    Kevin Wolff