Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two cool things at the hockey game

Yesterday, we saw the Whalers play the Niagra Ice Dogs.

Two pretty cool things happened at the game.

I always wanted to see a shootout but never saw one before. I would tell my dad all the time that I want to see a shootout.

If the game is tied after overtime, there is a shootout where one player from each team gets to skate in on the goale and if you score and the other team doesn't score, then you win the game and they keep going until someone scores.

Yesterday, the game was tied 6-6 after overtime and there was a shootout. I was really excited. Alex kept saying, "You are finally going to see a shootout, Louis." We stood up the whole time during the shootout and this was ok because nobody was sitting behind us. The first four or five shooters from both teams did not score. When Tyler Brown came out, he skated in really fast and I thought he was going to score but he got stopped. Then a Niagra player scored and they won. It was still pretty exciting. When the Whaler goalie, Matt Mahalak was stopping the shots, all the people were cheering and it was real loud. I want to see more shootouts. The mascot, Shooter the killer whale was praying. He was funny.

The second cool thing was we were walking around between periods and got stuck for a little while because so many people were walking there. We looked up and Steve Yzerman was right across from us. My dad picked me up so I could see him better and I looked right at him. It was cool. I never saw him before. I have his hockey cards. One person was taking pictures.

The whole night was fun.

We just got back from my Atoms 4 hockey game and we won 7-2. Me and William are the full time defensemen and we like it. We stopped a lot plays and the other team only scored twice. The coach told us we all played well. We are 2-0.

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