Sunday, January 23, 2011

I scored a goal!

Yesterday we had our first game with my new team the Atom 4s. Our uniforms are yellow and burgundy and they look cool.

My old coach told my new coach that I like to play defense and so that is where I am going to play all the time. I like this because I get to guard the goal area and push the other guys out of the net area so our goalie can see. I like to push a little and forwards don't do that so that is why defense is good. After I stop the other team's play, I get the puck and pass it to the forwards and they take it up the rink the other way. Defensemen don't hardly ever score goals because they are in the back but that is fine because I really like to get into it with the other players but we are still all friendly and shake hands after the game.

Yesterday, the puck came to me right near my own net so I whacked it really hard to get it out of our zone. The puck kept going and it went all the way to the other goal. Right before it got to the other goalie, the puck started to roll and spin and it confused the goalie and it scored! I couldn't believe it because it was such a long shot. Then the official scorer had to ask who shot the puck because nobody thought it was going to go in. My coach told him and then I got credit for the goal. This was my first goal and it was a really long one. Since I play defense, I might not get too many more. After the game, me and my dad had breakfast at McDonald's and one of my coaches came in there and said it was a great goal.

We won 10-9 and I heard most of my clearing passes were good. My dad says my skating is really getting good and I am able to stop the big guys on the other teams. My coach said he wants me back there on defense. I really like that.

Our next game is next week and we have a practice before then that I am going to.

I am really liking hockey.

Oh, we saw the Whalers yesterday and they won 6-2 against the Erie Otters and Mitchell Heard of the Whalers gave me a Whalers puck so that is cool.


  1. That is awesome. Congratulations. You should be proud.

  2. Louis - I have two words. And, although they sound a little "weird" together, I say them to Caroline when she does a good job. And you DEFINITELY deserve to hear these two words. Are you ready????

    AWESOME POSSUM! (They don't rhyme, but they kinda sound like each other)

  3. Louie this is SO exciting!!! I knew you were going to be an awesome hockey player from the time you started to skate! I wish I could have seen it. I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work.