Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beyblade battles and my new hockey team

I got a few Beyblades from Target.

One is red, grey and silver. The other is orange, black and yellow. They both look cool.

My dad says these look like metal spinning tops and you get them going with a stick that you pull on them. My friends have them too.

Me and my friends are going to have Beyblade battles where they spin at the same time and knock each other out. If they don't hit each other, the Beyblade which spins the longest wins.

I also have my first hockey game for my new team Saturday. We are the Atom 4s. We have had a practice and we are pretty good. My new coach sent an email to my mom and he said he wants to take us to the championship. Saturday night we will see the Whalers so Saturday is going to be a hockey day.

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