Sunday, January 9, 2011

I saw the Yogi Bear movie

I saw the Yogi Bear movie today.

I liked it.

It was about some people who were cutting down trees at Yellowstone Park and Yogi, Boo-Boo and Ranger Smith had to stop them.

My favorite part was when Yogi had a turtle that the bad guys wanted and the good guys wanted Yogi to throw the turtle to them but he threw it to the bad guys. The good guys asked him why he threw it to a bad guy and Yogi said "Because he was open". That was funny.

There was one part which I didn't get. They were on a raft going over a cliff but the raft landed on a tall tree. Then Yogi and the good guys just walked off this little branch to get off the tree. The branch was too small to walk on.

One funny part was when Boo-Boo said he had a problem with beans and Yogi said it goes through his stomach and it comes out and it smells.

After the movie, people were clapping and one lady in front of us was dancing to the song at the end.

So I thought the movie was ok but pretty good.

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