Monday, October 18, 2010

Whalers "Pink Out" game

We went to the Plymouth Whalers "Pink Out" game Saturday. The Whaler players dyed their hair pink and wore pink uniforms against the Windsor Spitfires to raise money for breast cancer. After, they said they raised $15,000.

We got there early because I wanted to take pictures of the Whalers in their pink uniforms during warm ups. We got there before they got out of the dressing room and I went to the tunnel by the dressing room and waited. When they came out I took a picture of them in the tunnel before they came onto the ice and then during warmups. I took the pictures myself.

A lot of fans had pink hair and I asked my dad if next year I can have pink hair for the game and he said ok. I will even wear it to school.

We did buy some pink ribbons and put them on our hats.

The Whalers won 4-1 and it was a good game. It was almost a sellout. After the game, Jay Gilbert of the Whalers came out because he was one of the "three stars of the game" and he gave me a signed shirt. The Whalers are really nice.

I was glad to go because my Aunt Carolyn had breast cancer and was in treatments for a while but she is feeling better now. I have a picture of her and my cousin, Brianna at the Race for the Cure.

My aunt lives a long way away from us but said next year maybe she can come. They had all the breast cancer people stand up during the game and people clapped and she probably would like that. She likes the Whalers too.


  1. Louie-I loved reading about your experience at the Whalers game. I can't wait to join you next year for the Whalers Pink Out. We will have a blast and I know you will look fabulous sporting your pink hair! I'm thinking your friends will be jealous when you arrive at school making your statement on breast cancer awareness. I had a tear in my eye when I saw our picture from the race. What a perfect picture to go with the whole Pink Out theme. Auntie Carolyn loves you <3

  2. Oh one more were right. I would have liked hearing everyone clap for the survivors. Actually I think it would have brought a tear to my eye.