Monday, October 18, 2010

Roller hockey game

I joined a roller hockey team called The Atoms.

I joined in the second game because my friend Mike told me they were short of players and my mom asked the coach if I could join the team and he said ok.

These are pictures of the first game that I played which was our second game. We tied 8-8. I did not have all the gear so the first game, I wore sweat pants and the coach said it was ok but now I have hockey pants which I wore for the third game.

We won the third game 9-5. I mostly played defense and the coach said I am playing good for a beginner. I have had two shots on goal but they haven't went in but I will get some goals.

Here are pictures of the first game. We have two girls on the team and they are really good but they are 12 years old and I am 8 years old.

I am number 54 and now that I am on the team for real, they took my jersey to put my last name on the back and I will get it back next week.

Next week, I am playing goalie and I think we might get more pictures.

I am having fun playing roller hockey on the Atoms.


  1. Great roller hockey pictures! I hope to be able to come to one of your games when I come back from my trip.

  2. Carolyn,

    If you could pack a lei, Louis would probably love that.

    Have a good time!