Sunday, October 24, 2010

We won our hockey game and I played goalie

I played goalie for my hockey team Saturday. My coach asked me if I wanted to play goalie and I said "ok".

I was fun and we won 5-1.

The other team only scored one goal and this was when they pulled their goalie at the end and had an extra skater.

I made a lot of saves and my teammates were hugging me after the game.

Next week, I am going to be a skater instead of a goalie. I also have my last name on the back of my jersey now which is cool.

Our team, the Atoms has won 2 games, lost 1 game and tied 1 game.

If we keep winning, we might go the playoffs.

That will be fun.


  1. Wow, you must have been an awesome goalie to have only let them score once! Good job. I hope to come see you play soon.

  2. Louis,

    Congratulations for a fine game. I'm sure that your folks are proud of you.

    Were there many shots on goal? Was it scary? I don't know if I could have done that.


  3. Thank you Auntie Carolyn for some good support.

  4. Mr. Mark,

    I am not sure how many shots there were but it seemed a lot.

    I was not scared but I was nervous because I did not want shots to go in.

    The night before, we saw the Whalers and my dad told me to watch the goalies real close because my coach said I might be the goalie the next day. He told me to always stay in front of the line and to move around in the crease so that is what I did.