Sunday, October 10, 2010

I watched MSU beat Michigan

Yesterday I watched my favorite college team, Michigan State beat Michigan 34-17. We watched some of it in a restaurant. Everybody was into it and cheering.

My dad and Alex like Michigan but me and my mom like Michigan State.

Go Sparty!

I also joined a roller hockey team called The Atoms. It was my first game and it was a little faster than I thought it would be but I got one assist in the game and I almost scored on a shot on goal and we tied 8-8. My coach told me I did good for my first game and this team has been around for a while.

At the next game, my parents will take pictures and we will put them up here.

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  1. MSU vs U of M was a great game! We watched it on tv. One of Alisha's friends from grade school plays for MSU, #62 Chris McDonald. I love watching him play and was so excited to see them win. I sent him a Good Luck e-mail Friday night before the game. Maybe it helped!