Thursday, September 23, 2010

We got a new dog

Her name is Sara.

She is 4 years old and we adopted her from a kennel.

She is very shy.

We used to have a beagle named Leo but he died a few years ago the day after Thanksgiving.

We are going to have fun with our dog.

We are following the Whalers hockey game on Facebook and radio and it is their first game but they are playing in Windsor and the Windsor Spitfires are the OHL champs but the Whalers are winning 4-2 right now. We are going Saturday to see the home opener. It is going to be great.


  1. Sara looks like a very nice dog. Does she bark much? Does she like to play catch with a ball?

    Take good card of her.

    Go Whalers.

  2. This is Louis talking and my dad is typing.

    Sara is very quiet. I only heard her bark once. Our other do Leo was a beagle and he barked a lot but mostly if he saw another dog walking on the sidewalk. So far Sara does not play catch with balls but we got toys for her that she likes.

    The Whalers lost the Windsor game 5-4. We saw them play the Barrie Colts Saturday and they won 6-2. Alex Alleardi scored three goals and had a hat trick and people threw hats on the ice.

    The "three stars of the game" throw signed shirts after the game. Tyler Brown threw a shirt my way but a girl behind me caught. My brother Alex almost caught a shirt from Alex Alleardi but another boy by him caught it.

    That is ok because Jamie Devane of the Whalers gave me a puck during warm ups and one of the officials gave me the game puck as he was leaving the ice after the game. Both pucks have Whalers designs on them.

    It was a fun game.


  3. Sara looks very cute. She reminds me of Kinsey. I'm looking forward to meeting her.