Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I have been doing

I have been busy this summer.

My hockey season ended and my team, Arsenal got to the finals in the playoffs but lost so we took the runner up trophy. We think this was pretty good because we were 10 year old kids playing in the 12 year old league and were the only team that did that. Our team is taking this late summer season off and we will start up again in the fall.

In baseball, my team the Novi Tigers finished in first place with a 10-1-1 record but we lost in the first round of the playoffs but that is ok. I made some good friends on my team and only knew one kid before the season started.

Me, Alex and Eddie from the Novi Tigers made the All Star team and we all got to play in the All Star Game this Saturday. It was fun and the league gave everybody who came to the game a real nice picnic lunch with plenty to eat and drink. It is a big party and the league sets up big tents and even kids who are not in the All Star Game come to the game and party. There is a big crowd and it is fun.

During the All Star Game, the coach of the Novi Heat which is the Novi travel team that represents the city talked to my dad and asked if I would be interested in trying out for that team. They travel to other cities and some are a long ways away to play teams in other cities. The coach said they play and practice 5 times a week in the summer and 3 times a week in the winter because they practice inside at Novi High School. Me and my dad talked it over and we decided that I would not try out for the Novi Heat because I don't want to give up hockey and there would be no time to play that if I played on the Heat. Next year, I will play in the same Novi little league and play other kids from Novi and that is fine with me. I have made the All Star Game the last 3 years in that league and maybe I can do it again next year.

I have also been going to a lot of Tiger games and I might start posting about that. 

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  1. Congrats on your summer so far. Fine accomplishments. But slow down, you're making me look like a slacker.