Monday, July 23, 2012

Tiger game

Me and my dad went to the Tigers game yesterday. We sat in our season tickets and they are in the section right behind the plate. Right before the game started, my mom's Uncle Tom and Aunt Sharon sat next us. We couldn't believe it and didn't know they were going to the game or were going to be sitting right next to us. We got to talk to them during the game and my dad called my mom at home so she could talk to them.

It was 93 degrees so that was not so great.

We saw Miguel Cabrera hit two home runs and the second one was his 300th career home run. They flashed a congratulations on the big screen and the crowd was cheering like crazy. Miguel was pretty happy because when he crossed home plate, he gave Prince Fielder a big hug.

The Tigers won too 6-4.

It was a pretty good game.

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