Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I forgot to mention

I forgot because on the same day, I went on the airplane and went to Florida.

But my team the Novi Wings won our league championship. In the semi-final game, we beat the Kings 12-2 and in the finals game, we beat Arsenal 8-3. The Arsenal game was closer than the final score because we were only winning 5-3 but they pulled their goalie with two minutes to go to try and catch us and then we scored three goals on them in their empty net. We were pretty happy to beat Arsenal because they are the best team every season and a lot of kids want to get on that team. They even have special uniforms that look really cool and they don't wear the uniforms that the league gives them.

This is the last season for the Novi Wings because our coach cannot coach the team anymore. The good thing is that me and a few other kids from the Novi Wings have been invited to join the Arsenal team and we are now playing for them. We have been practicing and my new coach (Mr. S.) of Arsenal is really nice. His son even plays on a real good ice hockey team with the Red Wings kids.

Arsenal plays a lot of tournaments. We played tournaments with the Novi Wings but it was just against teams in our county. Arsenal plays tournaments throughout the country and our coach says as soon as we are ready, we can play in the National tournament to play the best teams in the country. He says we might even do it this summer. We are kind of lucky because the national tournament this year is in Michigan but still kind of far away from us. I think this is going to be great.

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