Saturday, March 24, 2012

Whalers lose 4-2 but Novi Wings win 8-0

Yesterday we saw the Whalers play the Guelph Storm in Game 1 of the OHL Playoffs and the Whalers lost 4-2. The Whalers just played ok and not good. We think the Whalers are going to come back in the series. It is funny because that one Guelph Storm lady fan with the signs who I put a picture up on my site was at the game. She had a lot of signs and kept holding up different ones. She must have come a long way to come to the game because Guelph is a long ways away from us near Toronto. I bet she was having a good time.

I am going to miss the next two or three Whaler games because I have a school event for the next one and after that my family is going on a trip to Florida to see the Tigers play in Spring Training and go to the Universal Theme Parks and other stuff. We did the same thing in Florida last year during the OHL Playoffs. I remember I kept asking my parents if we could eat at McDonalds so we could get free wifi and I could check the Whalers game scores when we were in there. I will probably do the same thing this year. I like McDonalds too.

Today, my team the Novi Wings beat the Kings 8-0 so we have 6 wins and 4 losses. We got a shutout and that is cool because I play defense and helped with that. The playoffs are next week and I hope I can make the games but I might be on vacation for the games.

I might not post for a little while because I will be on vacation for a little while.

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