Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whalers lose to the Rangers but the Novi Wings win!

The Whalers lost to the Rangers today 6-5. It was a good exciting game and both teams played good. The Whalers can't win every game, I guess. Dario Trutmann of the Whalers nailed a guy and knocked him into the bench. Everybody was cheering. Everybody was saying it was the best hit of the year so I put his picture up. Dario is a defenseman like me and my dad says he is the most similar player in style to me so I like him. Dario is from Switzerland.

One funny thing is that I could not find my Whalers hat and I have worn it for every game for the last 3 or 4 games so I wore my New Jersey Devils hat with my Whalers jersey. It felt kind of funny. I am going to have to find my Whalers hat. The Whalers play the Saginaw Spirit tomorrow and we are going and I hope they win.

The good thing about the day is that my team, the Novi Wings beat Team Glitter 10-0. I even scored a goal which doesn't happen a lot. My coach told me that against weaker teams like Team Glitter, he wants me to pinch in and approach the net more and try and score so that is what I am doing. Against real good teams, our coach wants the defensemen to stay back almost all the time so we probably wont score in those games. That is ok because I have fun in every game that I play. We are 2-2 so far this year.

I am liking these hockey days.

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