Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Novi Wings are the champs!

My hockey team, the Novi Wings were in the playoffs this weekend and we won our games and we are the champs of the 8 year old Division. We won 11 games this season and lost 1.

We won the semi-final game 11-2 and I scored 2 goals. I don't get many chances to score because I am a defenseman and I have to play back and stop the other team but my coaches said if I see an opening I can take the puck to the net and try and score but I have to get back to my position right after, so I score just sometimes. In the final game, we won 7-1 and then we were the champs and had a celebration on the side rink where we got our trophies and our pictures taken. Because it was the finals, there were a lot of people there watching for all the players and the rink was crowded. My Grandpa Mike, Grandma Peg, Uncle Mike, Aunt Kristen and my parents were cheering us on. There is one picture of me with my grandpa and that is cool. He is in his 60's and still plays hockey on a team.

I like playing defense. My dad overheard one of the coaches in the 10 year old league say "If Louis is out there, the other team is not scoring." I wish I heard that but I was playing.

After the game, I was invited by my coach for the Novi Wings to join his 12 year old team. I was also invited by another coach to join his 10 year old team and I talked it over with my dad and then we told both coaches that I would play for them so I will be playing for two teams next season. I just turned 9 years old but I can play in those leagues because I am younger, not older than the league age. It is going to be fun and the leagues start January 10th.

I am going to have a good Christmas and then get ready for my hockey leagues.


  1. Adarsh,

    I like reading about your volleyball matches.

    I read it with my dad because it was long.

    I am going to keep reading your site.