Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hey, I was on the ice last night at the Whalers game!

Yesterday, me, my dad and Alex went to see the Whalers play the Belleville Bulls. Yesterday was Jersey Night where they said to wear your team jerseys and the best ones get on the ice between periods.

I wore my Novi Roller Cats jersey and a Whalers person came up to me in the middle of the game and asked if I wanted to go onto the ice in the second intermission to show my jersey and play Score-O for a prize and I said yes. My dad had to sign a paper giving permission but then I got nervous because I did not know if I could go out there in front of all those people. Then my dad told me that he could not go down in the tunnel with me because he needed to stay in the arena to take pictures of me on the ice so I got more nervous.

When I went out the ice, I looked around and remembered that most people leave their seats during intermission to walk around so there were not many people in the seats so I was ok. Then me and 5 other kids with hockey jerseys shot a puck at a little hole in the net for the Score-O game. I took a good shot but did not get it in the hole because the hole is really small. Some other kid won.

Then they asked us if we wanted to help Shooter pick up the pucks after the Chuck-A-Puck game where people throw pucks on the ice to try and win a prize. That was fun picking up A LOT of pucks. We had to hurry because the zambonis were coming and you can see them in the picture. It was a lot of fun and next year I am wearing my jersey again for Jersey Night.

The Whalers won 4-3 and after the game I was standing at the tunnel to cheer the Whalers and the referee gave me the game puck which is cool. It has a special Whalers design. It was a good night.

We are going tonight too and the Whalers are playing the Sarnia Sting. Tonight is "Girls Rock" Night so I guess I will just watch whatever they do because I am not a girl.

Oh, my team the Novi Wings won 7-5 today and I scored a goal and my coach said I did a good job stopping the best scorer in the league because I am a defenseman. My dad told me I stopped him every time I was on the ice. The other team did some not very nice tricks where the would slash you when you had the puck and once they took our goalies stick and pushed it away. I skated to get the stick and gave it back to our goalie. The other team got a lot of penalties but so did we. Both teams were 8-1 and now we are 9-1 and we finished in first place and the playoffs start next week. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristen came to the game and I am glad they were cheering.

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